An experience design studio founded by Warut Wimolkunarak and Rath Sa-nguanthai, STUDIO11206 began its journey in Brooklyn, New York, in 2019 where two childhood best friends crossed paths again intending to create unique and immersive experiences through several mediums such as art, design, event, and multimedia.

As a multi-disciplinary creative team, with backgrounds ranging from creative, fashion, and art to business and operation, our purpose is to redefine the way humans experience things. We believe that life as we know it isn't the only way we should live. Life can be experimental, fresh, and unconventional.
Warut Wimolkunarak
Co-Founder | Creative Partner
Warut is a full-time dreamer and a part-time creative director, photographer and film director, originated from Bangkok, Thailand and currently based between Bangkok and New York City. With 8 years of experience working in both the commercial & fashion industries, Warut has been working to perfecting his craft and storytelling by using new media and methods.

In 2022, He founded STUDIO11206 alongsideĀ Rath with the intention to bring new experimental experiences for the audiences.
Rath Sanguanthai
Co-Founder | Managing Partner
Rath studied Real Estate Development at New York University where he received his MS in 2020. He began his career leading development projects in New York and then in Thailand. Since then, he had been wearing numerous shoes in real estate industry including developer, operator, and designer.

He now oversees STUDIO11206 entire business management, with an emphasis on project space planning and project finance.